Carrot Man Dance Loop

Little animation loop I did for this awesome monthly animation contest called LoopdeLoop: http://loopdeloop.org .  Check it out - there’s way better stuff on there than mine.  This is really my first time trying to do animation so, hey, better to try than to not.


The Birds Sing a Pretty Song

New painting for Nico Colaleo's awesome art show, DAMN FINE COFFEE: Artistic Tributes to Twin Peaks at Meltdown Comics' gallery.  5"x7" Fluorescent Acrylic on Art Board (sold).  Hopefully it's clear but this is meant to be the backwards/forwards-talking dwarf in the red room as played by Michael J. Anderson.  Just thinking of him makes me smile.  Although, I still don't know who or what he was supposed to be or represent or...?  Above is the digital version, below is a photo of the actual painting illuminated with a blacklight.  


Neon Devilman Lady

Back to painting with fluorescent acrylics!  Here is "Neon Devilman Lady" an 8" x 10" painting on illustration board for the Go Nagai Tribute Art Show at Q Pop Shop in Los Angeles, CA.  This is available for purchase HERE.  The above is a digital representation but to get the full effect of the paint colors, you really have to see in person the original illuminated with a blacklight.  Hard to capture with a camera but here below is a photograph to give you an idea. 


Up Chuckie

Print I did for the ShizNICK Nickelodeon tribute art show at iam8bit gallery, combining to great icons of the 90s - Chuckie from Rugrats and Garbage Pail Kids.  But you knew all this already.  Limited edition of 30 signed and numbered 8x10 Giclee prints - in color even!  It’s not true fluorescent unfortunately. To purchase a print, CLICK HERE.


Neon Spock

Painting I did for the amazing Kali Fontecchio's Star Trek Tribute Art Show at QPop Shop.  This is a digital preview but the final is 5"x7" flourescent acrylic on art board.  Come check out the show if you can!  Great funny cool weird and geeky as hell.


Sacred Neon Heart

I submitted this piece for the La Luz de Jesus gallery's open submission show but didn't make it in.  On the bright side, I was told that it was "really close", so I take comfort and carry on and am glad to have been a blip on their radar ever so briefly.


Kristen Stewart?

Another celebrity portrait that I wouldn't have set out to do on my own, yes, but when curator Julia Vickerman asked me to be in her Muchos Kstew: A Kristen Stewart Art Show, I did not hesitate!  It was a great turnout at the opening, with amazing pieces from everyone, and I was grateful to be in such awesome company.  I did screenprints: 2 editions of 11 for each color version, 16"x20", 7 colors, and yes - they are flourescent inks, and they are blacklight-friendly!  Big thanks to my esteemed printer, Margaret Lomeli!  This was my first ever screenprint and it couldn't have turned out better.  Contact me if you are interested in purchasing.  jinho29 (at) yahoo


The JP Show: Muldoon

The latest blacklight painting is a portrait of Jurassic Park character, Robert Muldoon.  I'm trying to advance a little bit with each painting.  Still finding my legs, but I feel like this one turned out alright.  I don't think it totally looks like Muldoon so much but if anyone's seen the movie hopefully they'll figure it out - he's the Australian hunter guy!  11x17, florescent acrylic on panel, same as the last few pieces.  Digital prints for this and any other piece available upon request.  Just send me an email:  jinho29 (at) yahoo.  This was done for a group show curated by Brandon Bird and Julia Vickerman.  Here is the info on the show.  If you're in the LA area please try to check it out (for the two days it's up 12/3/11 and 12/4/11).


Some Bad Dudes

I'm very fortunate and grateful to be in the legendary classic video game themed 2011 Super I Am 8 Bit show at the brand new 8 Gallery.  Instead of doing Mario or Zelda, I thought I'd try doing some well known and lesser known bad asses of video game history in, naturally, flourescent acrylic.  I'll try to get a better picture at some point.  See who you can spot.  Official list of games that inspired this painting:  Bad Dudes, Final Fight, Street Fighter, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Altered Beast, Shinobi, Wizard of Wor, Golden Axe, Rolling Thunder. These are all games I personally grew up with and spent many hours and quarters on.