The JP Show: Muldoon

The latest blacklight painting is a portrait of Jurassic Park character, Robert Muldoon.  I'm trying to advance a little bit with each painting.  Still finding my legs, but I feel like this one turned out alright.  I don't think it totally looks like Muldoon so much but if anyone's seen the movie hopefully they'll figure it out - he's the Australian hunter guy!  11x17, florescent acrylic on panel, same as the last few pieces.  Digital prints for this and any other piece available upon request.  Just send me an email:  jinho29 (at) yahoo.  This was done for a group show curated by Brandon Bird and Julia Vickerman.  Here is the info on the show.  If you're in the LA area please try to check it out (for the two days it's up 12/3/11 and 12/4/11).