Carrot Man Dance Loop

Little animation loop I did for this awesome monthly animation contest called LoopdeLoop: http://loopdeloop.org .  Check it out - there’s way better stuff on there than mine.  This is really my first time trying to do animation so, hey, better to try than to not.


The Birds Sing a Pretty Song

New painting for Nico Colaleo's awesome art show, DAMN FINE COFFEE: Artistic Tributes to Twin Peaks at Meltdown Comics' gallery.  5"x7" Fluorescent Acrylic on Art Board (sold).  Hopefully it's clear but this is meant to be the backwards/forwards-talking dwarf in the red room as played by Michael J. Anderson.  Just thinking of him makes me smile.  Although, I still don't know who or what he was supposed to be or represent or...?  Above is the digital version, below is a photo of the actual painting illuminated with a blacklight.  


Neon Devilman Lady

Back to painting with fluorescent acrylics!  Here is "Neon Devilman Lady" an 8" x 10" painting on illustration board for the Go Nagai Tribute Art Show at Q Pop Shop in Los Angeles, CA.  This is available for purchase HERE.  The above is a digital representation but to get the full effect of the paint colors, you really have to see in person the original illuminated with a blacklight.  Hard to capture with a camera but here below is a photograph to give you an idea.